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Character Name: Gráythorndk
Class/Race: DK/Gnome!
Armory Link: ... A1ythorndk
Warcraft Logs Link:

Main Spec / Off Spec: BDK/Frost/Unholy
Main Spec ilvl / Offspec ilvl:905/895/895


Previous Guilds: Water

Reasons for leaving previous guilds: raid group always full

Raid Experience (while the content was relevant): ......

**About You!**

Age: 46
What time zone do you live in: MST
Our raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday 9-11pm server, and on Saturdays 9pm-12pm server.... We need members to be available for all 3 nights. Can you make these raid times? yes

**In-Game Information**

Explain why you chose your current gear setup / stat priority / talents, and where you normally get your information from (List all applicable):

Are there any guild members that you know already? no
Why do you want to join The Felsworn?: looking for a guild that needs folks and are willing to let me participate

Anything that makes you stand out or makes you a great raider? BDK!

Are you willing and capable of handling constructive criticism during raids and concerning your class dynamics? yes

Did you answer the trick question? sure!

Is there anything else of interest you wish to add? being tanking since Asherons Call (RIP), also LOTRO, SWTOR and now WoW

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