Myiri - 888 Fury warriror

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Myiri - 888 Fury warriror

Post#1 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:40 pm

Hello I am applying to you guys cause you seem nice(up for debate).


Myiri - Korgath ... iri/simple
Warrior - 888 Fury MS 887 Prot OS
Most recent Raid Log of relevance:

Previous guild was Black Dragon Pirates. Its was a small guild me and some friends there was only about 5 of us and they quit awhile ago. I am looking to get back into raiding.

Raid experience was All of Wotlk including Halion. Clear naxx sarth 2d and Maly. up to vezax in ulduar. Have my tribute to insanity for 10 man ToC and 10/12H ICC. Cleared BWD and BoT normal quit then came back for Firelands cleared normal and haven't raided since.

I am 10 and 3/4 year old

I am on usually from 8 - 1 server and all day weekends I am in PST.
I am more then willing to help and support other fury warrirors to get into raiding.I am not willing to become an officer or class leader but i will help were i can. I bring all my own mats to raids and will help put herbs in the bank when i have extra. I also have most cooking recipes if needed. I am a competitive player but i am not in a rush i am willing to push through and do hundreds of a attempts if needed on a progression boss. Wiping is very important to both understanding how a fight flows and how i can maximize my dps for an encounter. I am a Welder so i work days and some weekends but i am always available during the night unless something come up that is important in real Life. I live on the west coast so late nights are never a problem for raiding.

I am gearing for Fury mostly with the buffs in 7.1.5 made it the better spec overall. I don't play tons so i have to focus my efforts for one spec atm. Haste being the most dominate stat by a large margin up to 30% haste i have lots of it mastery follows and close behind is crit and vers. I get my information from my personal simcraft, MMO-Champion, Icy-Veins, Warrior Discord(SkyHold) most there is a few outlier sites but they are rarely up to date.

i don't know anyone in the guild currently.
I want to join cause you said you would carry me. :)

Talked about it earlier but i am not bothered much by wiping i am more concerned if there aren't any adjustments when there is a wipe. Mostly from a strat or CD timer point a view instead of a benching people. I am more then open to anyone and everyone giving me advice to fights from positioning to CD management.

Is it a ret pally?

Thank you for your consideration of my application.
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