Guild Ranks

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Guild Ranks

Post#1 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:32 am

Here is a quick rundown of how our guild ranks work

Initiate: This rank is for people who are leveling and gearing, along with players who would just like to be in the guild but not be involved in raiding.

Alt: Alts.

Trials: This is where you begin raiding. Generally you are in Trials for 2 weeks. In these two weeks we track your attendance, skills, knowledge and general competency. After your Trial, you will move to either Casual or Raider. We may chose to extend your Trial based on what we see. In order to move to a Raider rank, you must put in a guild app on this website!

Casual: These players have been through their Trials and have proven that they are raid ready, however something has prevented them from becoming a core raider, something like attendance, low dps numbers etc... When these players are on they are invited to raid if there is room, but Raiders get first invite.

Officer Alt: Officer Alts.

Raider: These players have proven that they understand their class, can attend the majority of raids, and understand the mechanics of the bosses in current content. These players will get priority over casual players for raids.

Recruiter: Lucky me, I get to keep track of all of these things, and I try to keep Trials on track and in the know of their progress. :)

Officer: These are members of the guild that you should go to if you have any questions or issues, they have proven to know their classes and roles, keep everyone on track during raid, and have contributed greatly to the guild.

High Lord: Tim.

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