Guild Raid Schedule

Here the roster and attendance of raids will be tracked. You may also ask questions about the guild here.
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Guild Raid Schedule

Post#1 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:27 am

Raiding is important to The Felsworn. In order to keep us relevant, and progressing through content, set raid times have been formed. Below is our current raid schedule. The following times are set so that the guild will be able to progress through content on a regular basis. To be considered or to be on the mythic raid team these times are mandatory.**

Tuesday: 9PM to 11PM Server
Wednesday: 9PM to 11PM Sever (Mythic Night)
Saturday: 9PM to 12AM Server (Mythic Night)

**These times are mandatory to be apart of our mythic raid team. We understand life happens, and we understand that work schedules may get in the way. If you are unable to make these times for a repeated reason such as having to work or having important school work be sure to talk with an officer. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis. If you are online you should be in the raid. If you do not wish to be apart of the heroic/mythic raid team then this does not apply to you.

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