Thank you and Goodbye

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Thank you and Goodbye

Post#1 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:30 am

I would like to explain why i am leaving the guild. The first reason is i have a bunch of friends coming back to the game. I met them back in SWG, and have been playing games with them for about 16 years now. I am also moving back to korgath to join there guild.

The second reason is as we move into mythic NH we don't have the members to get constant mythic progression, along with having to pug it will be not be enjoyable to have to wait for 30+ minutes to fill raids. We lack the commitment on the front of consistency (the core was good) and discipline of missing raiders for raiding at the mythic level. We are also missing a dedicated raid leader which is somewhat hypocritical of me because i could have stepped up.

Now with that being said you guys are super fun to play with and are pretty laid back, which is also your biggest problem if you do want high end progression. I really enjoyed raiding with you guys and hope you keep at it. With a lot of your recent recruits i hope me leaving isn't a detriment to the raid which it probably isn't cause i am just a DPS.

Thank you and good luck to your future progression.

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